• 2pc faux Barrel

  • Forward Barrel Assy

  • Feed tray 

  • Bridge plates

  • Barrel cover

  • Catch actuator

  • Sight Rail

  • Upper receiver

  • Dual Stage cage

  • 4 Merlin motors

  • 2 Kit motor boards

  • Dbl sprung hyperdrive

  • Voltage control chip

  • PWM

  • 3s Lipo 

  • Genuine omron switch

     All HArdware and electronics included

    Blaster Comes Pre assembled 

Your eyes are not playing tricks... welcome to a world where a springer can indeed be converted to a flywheeler with the pull of 2 pins!!! 


(Hyperdrive Actuated Motorized Modular Receiver)

With only the best internals our FTW powered upper receiver features custom electronics that provide properly distributed power like never done in our hobby before. Our Proprietary high crush dual-stage micro flywheel cage is solenoid fed creating an intimidating rate of full-auto fire. At 175-180 fps you will be sure to shut down the field with a single pull of the trigger. Playing the role of a true heavy? Step up your capacity with one of the community's newest offerings the 30 round half dart Drum by Sim. 


Blaster is sold as Upper only or complete

which includes the lower receiver, buffer tube, Display Stand & grip 

(stock not included) 



Parts include-


Price Ranges From:

$155-$225 USD

+Domestic SHIPPING


 International orders contact us for invoicing