After much fanfare and 6 months of hard r&d The Frantz Foam Works Team is proud to bring to market the hobby's first truly modular mil-sim Foam dart system.

With a dedicated Lower receiver and 2 pin takedown system, our upper receivers can be swapped on the fly. No matter what the field calls for be it spring changes for fps caps, longer barrels for precision shots from the backfield, the Carbine and Socom upper variant have you covered. Does the event have specials that call for rockets??? A quick switch to the Desecrater should do the trick allowing for you to play the part of the specialist busting shields or whatever the round might have in store. Is it time to dominate the field or just need covering fire? The H.A.M.M.R. can be used to shut down fast-moving targets with the ability to unload a full mag or maybe even empty an entire 30 round drum with a single pull of the trigger. 

Please note this is a soft launch of the platform with a limited number of units made to order with a 4 - 6 week lead time.

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PUblic safety notice

these are not toys but sports equipment to be used on private property or during sanctioned events. Never aim the aurora system at law enforcement or individuals who are non participants at an event. Never recolor or cover the ends of the aurora system in dark colors.